About us

BMP Construction Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

a China based Sino-German Company established in 2007. We offer full range of design, engineering and project management services for multi-national clients in China and abroad. We particularly focus on industrial construction and successfully delivered not only multitude of projects in all industries, but also the projects such as new regional Headquarters, R&D Centers, Laboratories and Cleanrooms and so on. To create the maximum value for our clients, with western quality standards, especially in terms of energy consumption/sustainability, sourced in the cost-efficient local market, it's the ambition of us and it's exactly what we did.

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    Enterprise Customers
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    Years Engineering & Construction Experiences
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  • One of the Most Committed Partners in China

AKRO Engineering Plastics in Changzhou – Groundbreaking Ceremony

AKRO Engineering Plastics, a Member of the Feddersen Group in Hamburg, celebrate...

We offer a full range of Design and Engineering-Procurement-Construction Management (EPCM) services. Construction professionals and a high-quality team, full time participation in the project, daily affairs report, ensure that the project implementation in line with the quality, duration, cost requirements.
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