BMP Construction Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

a China based Sino-German Company established in 2007.We offer full range of design, engineering and project management services for multi-national clients in China and abroad.

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    Enterprise Customers
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Our Goals

BMP is recognized by its clients as a professional and reliable project partner through all project stages. Our goal is to work closely with our clients and handover them a facility that: 
★ Is 100% in line with expectations regarding quality and durability meanwhile time making best use of economic material and construction methods in China 
★ Delivers services in accordance with agreed timelines and milestones 
★ Offers the maximum value for the investment 
★ Reflects the Client's corporate identity 
★ Fulfills all architectural and/or process requirements
★ Makes the best use of energy efficient equipment, construction material and methods 
★ Complies business ethics

Our Team

A multinational team of engineers and architects is dedicated and committed to realize facilities matching and surpassing our clients' expectations, explicitly in regard of timelines, budgets and quality.

Our Projects

Sustainability, value-engineering and energy-saving design and construction have always been a priority, documented by USGBC membership and projects with LEED certification. However as important we consider the target to realize facilities highly cost efficient, to allow our clients a most competitive start (or expansion) in the Chinese market.
? Mega Projects > 200,000 sqm
E.g. BMW-BBA New Plant in Tiexi, Shenyang, Daimler-BBAC New Plant in BDA, Beijing, FAW-Volkswagen New Plant in Foshan, Volkswagen Automatic Transmission in Tianjin, etc.
?  Large Projects  50,000– 200,000 sqm
E.g.  Schott Glass New Plant in Zhejiang,  Volkswagen Automatic Transmission in Dalian, Wuerth Fasteners in Shenyang, AGCO Agriculture in Changzhou or Bosch Regional HQ in Shanghai, Volkswagen HQ, Daimler R&D Center, Ikea in Fuzhou, etc.
?  Medium Projects 10,000 – 50,000 sqm
E.g. Geberit New Asia HQ in Shanghai, Engel Machinery in Changzhou, Fuchs Lubricants in Yingkou & Wujiang, Husky in Suzhou SND, DB Schenker in Shanghai, Brueckner in Suzhou SIP, Bosch Rexroth in BDA Beijing among approx. further 50 projects.
?  Small Projects < 10,000 sqm 
 E.g. ABB Shanghai, Wika Suzhou, Siemens Healthineers, Seagate among approx. further 300 projects.

BMP is also involved in industrial projects in India,Philippine, Indonesia, Turkey, Korea.

Our Clients
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