We offer a full range of Design and Engineering-Procurement-Construction Management (EPCM) services.

  • Due Diligence Assessments

    Existing Facilities suitable for specific utilization, necessary refurbishments, costs and time frame

  • Feasibility Studies

    Taking into consideration, besides technical, also administrative, legal and other aspects

  • Land Acquisition and Site Selection

    In-depth knowledge of potential Industrial & Economic Zones all over China

  • Advise / Management of Project Approvals

    Through all stages of Initial Investment Agreement to receiving final Property Certificate

  • Master Programming and Planning

    Optimization of plot layout taking all production, logistical and utility aspects into account

  • Conceptual Design + Engineering and Project Budgeting

    Translating our clients requirements into a design focusing on functionality, efficiency and state-of-the-art architecture

  • Design Controlling and Management

    Involving a qualified local design institute, making sure the design details are prepared as per international standards

  • Procurement and Tendering Management

    fully adhering to international compliance standards, incl. detailed BoQ, and LS contracts as per FIDIC

  • Construction and Project Management

    with highly qualified teams of construction professionals, full-time assigned to the project, daily reporting, making sure project is realised in quality, time and costs

  • Cost Evaluation and Auditing

    supporting in remuneration negotiations and disputes in all construction disciplines

  • Commissioning and Validation

    especially in projects with complex MEP or clean-room standards

  • LEED Application and Certification

    long-standing member in USGBC, with in-house LEED APs and projects with LEED Gold Certificate

  • Intelligent Facility Management

    Optimization of existing equipments, in most cases with savings of 20+%

  • Refurbishment and Fit-out Management

    Upgrading facilities as per changed user requirements, often with ongoing production processes

  • Existing Facility Quality Defect Rectification and Improvement

    Supporting clients Facility Management or in closing phase of construction period

Your Project?

By providing few key informations and requirements of an envisaged construction project within China, we will calculate and revert within 3 working days a first cost estimation - for free.

Estimate project cost
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